Welcome to the end of the world.

The Mayans had it right!

During the night of Dec. 12th, 2012, an event occurred that changed the world. The only problem is, no one remembers it.

Everything was business as usual for the human race before that fateful night. The world went on much as it had—people woke up, ate breakfast, went to work . . . then it happened. What exactly occurred no one knows, or can agree upon. After the Event, theories included everything from space aliens to an Illuminati plot to the Wrath of God. What happened after the Event everyone can agree upon. Half of the human population on Earth simply vanished. Homes were left empty, meals left half-eaten on tables, televisions left running, showers still turned on. The cities
and towns, whole communities, became almost totally uninhabited overnight. Of those who remained, no one could remember what had happened, and they discovered they’d lost a week of time.

How does the human mind absorb the unexplained disappearance of half the population—mothers and
wives, brothers and children, friends and co-workers vanishing into thin air? How do you search for three billion missing persons? Chaos, confusion, and fear gripped the world’s population.
This was compounded by the strange phenomena people observed. The old, familiar constellations no
longer appeared in the night sky, replaced by nothing at all. During the day, the sun didn’t appear right—perhaps hanging larger in the sky, and more an angry orange than a comforting yellow. And while governments and the media began searching for answers, the flesh-eating zombies began to appear.

It started slowly at first, reports of bizarre deaths and strange attacks filtering into the system. But the attacks kept coming, becoming larger and more brazen. Television footage of a riot captured the awful truth—an army of zombies carved a brutal trail of carnage through the crowd. And these reports were duplicated around the world—Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Kigali . . . No one knew where the zombies came from, and there was a strong suspicion that the missing population and the zombies were one and the same (though there was no way to
prove this conclusively).

Chaos erupted almost immediately. Military and police forces around the world tried to contain the undead, but with their reduced manpower they could not react decisively and were overwhelmed. People fled the world’s cities in a mass exodus, hoping to escape the deathtraps they had become. Roads became clogged with traffic, and prime feeding grounds for the zombies when the sun went down. The survivors hoped more isolated rural areas would be safer. No one knows how many of the survivors of the Event lived through the zombie attacks and made it to relative safety.

You wake up in a large dark room. All you can hear is your own breathing and something/someone else’s breathing………

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